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There are security links in cryptocurrencies that are broken and need to be fixed. With crypto-related scams reported on a daily basis and frequent high profile hacks often resulting in millions of dollars lost, it is evident that alternative actions need to be taken.

To combat the security issues facing the cryptocurrency market head-on, we decided to lead the way in the creation of a First Responder Network for crypto-related scams. Our goal is to help build safer and more inviting crypto community via education, advocacy, and protection. Join our network by subscribing to our safety updates below.


Popular Crypto Scam Categories

Phishing Scams
Fraudsters love pretending to be legitimate businesses. Learn how to combat this most popular type of crypto scams.
Social Media Scams
Social media scams are on the rise and new fake accounts seem to be popping up every day. Learn how to identify them.
Ponzi/HYIP Scams
Some of the most high-profile and costly crypto scams are Ponzi and HYIP scams. Learn how they work and how to avoid them.
ICO Scams
Funds raised via ICOs have recently surpassed $8 billion dollars. Learn how to distinguish good investments from bad ones.
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What We Do

Prevent and Combat Crypto-related Scams and Frauds
Crypto scams and frauds reduce currency values and overall market cap, cut investor returns, and curb developer interests. It also draws attention from authorities to help them justify further alienation of cryptocurrencies. Combating scams is one of the most important fights we can participate in for the future of cryptocurrencies.
Establish The First Responder Network
The fight against crypto-related scams and frauds is a fight we can not lose. Thus, we establishing a First Responder Network for crypto-related scams. From public and private scam and fraud reports, we verify and summarize the reports and help the community to improve through education, advocacy, and protection.

We analyze popular crypto scams and frauds for common patterns. We then write educational materials to teach YOU how to avoid getting scammed.


We collect data on scam reports and sightings. We then relay reported scams to respective businesses and serve as a strong voice for YOU to demand higher safety standards.


From your reports, we take actions such as report phishing sites to search engines, mark fake social media accounts as malicious on respective platforms, and submit known malicious public keys to exchanges and blockchain explorers.

How You Can Help



Your first-hand scam report is one of the most valuable contributions you can make. Help us to help the community and report your own scam experiences to us here.

Or do you know any good crypto related resources, wallets or exchanges that we haven’t listed? Let us know as we would love to share them with the crypto community.



We exist to help the crypto community become a safer and more trustworthy environment for everyone. If you like our work and believe in our mission, please consider donating to one of our wallet addresses. Your donations are extremely valuable to help keep the site running.

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Share our materials with others to help them become aware of common crypto scams and how to avoid them. Your links to us on social media and other channels are incredibly valuable. Only when we, as a community, become more aware and educated can we avoid falling victims to more scams in the future.

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